Circles versus circles – english

Full of vectors, techno music, bullets and colors.

The objective of this game is simple: avoid evrything that is the same color as the center and get score.Alyhought doing this is not exactly simple.

Then , we can divide the game in two parts: Surviving and getting score.


You are gonna meet three types of enemies:

Bullets:The harmless type of enemy.

Ring lasers:When they get uotside the center, they are normal circles, but from one time to another, it becomes a so dangerous laser, as it doesn’t let you keep getting near to the ecnter.

Radial lasers:They are lasers coming from the center that cover a big amplitude.And when it shoots; hold on something.

Getting score:

Being near the bullets: Just few points

Lasting time:Until the first three minutes or something like that, you´ll get score for lasting.

Touching satellital centers:If you touch satellital centers, you win so much score and health.

Touching the center:If you touch the center, i happens the same as when you touch a satellital center, but you win much more score and go to the next level.


Move with the mouse

Get near the center with left click.

Get far from it with right click.

Pause: F1

fullscreen: F4

Exit: Escape

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